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Neil Davis (T. Neil Davis)
Fiction and nonfiction northern books relating to the aurora, permafrost, general Alaska science, Alaska history, Alaska energy resources, gold mining, homesteading, health care.
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Humor and Political Commentary.

Item 1--Ten Commandments for
posting on school walls.

Item 2--History of the Y2K Problem
The Great Alaska Zingwater Caper, McRoy & Blackburn Publishers, Ester, Alaska                   ISBN  (2004) 0-9706712-2-9 Also on Kindle.
Alaska Science Nuggets, University of Alaska Press (1982) ISBN 0-912006-38-2
.ENERGY/ALASKA University of Alaska Press (1984) ISBN 0-912006-07-2
.The Aurora Watcher's Handbook University of Alaska Press (1992) ISBN 0-912006-59-5 (cloth) and ISBN 0-912006-60-9 (paper) and ISBN-8052-0498-2 C3004 P3090E (Japanese Translation)
.The College Hill Chronicles, how the University of Alaska came of age (1993) University of Alaska Foundation ISBN 1-883309-01-8
Caught in the Sluice McRoy & Blackburn Publishers, Ester, Alaska (1994) ISBN 0-9632596-1-X (paperback) and ISBN 0-9632596-2-H (casebound)
Battling Against Success, McRoy & Blackburn Publishers, Ester, Alaska (1997) ISBN 0-9632596-6-0 (paperback) and ISBN 0-9632596-7-9 (casebound).
PERMAFROST, a guide to frozen ground in transition, University of Alaska Press (2001) ISBN 1-889963-19-4.
Rockets Over Alaska, Alaska-Yukon Press, Ester, Alaska (2006) ISBN 0-9778141-0-6 Also now a Kindle book.
Mired in the Health Care Morass: an Alaskan takes on America's dysfunctional medical system for his uninsured daughter. Ester Republic Press & Alaska-Yukon Press, Ester, Alaska (2008)
ISBN 978-0-9749221-4-0.
The Painting on the Window Blind, the story of an unknown artist and a daring Civil War spy. IUniverse. (2011) ISBN 9781450282406. E-book version ISBN 9781450282413. [suggest download from Amazon]
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Head, Tail & Guts Included, the story of a 1950s college education in Alaska  warmer climes, Alaska-Yukon Press, ISBN 978-0-9778141-1-4
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