Published in 1994 by McRoy & Blackburn Publishers, Ester, Alaska       169 Pages
ISBN 0-9632596-2-8 (hardbound) List price $19.95
ISBN 0-9632596-1-X (soft cover)  List price $13.95
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Moose John, a Miner's Tale

Willy's Undoing

The Ogilvie Gold Fibulator

The Legacy of Double-Dose Dobson

The Lady and the Dredge
Excerpts From Published Reviews.

“For light summer reading, Caught in the Sluice is good fun….that’s the way of it with most of the Caught in the Sluice characters. You think there isn’t much to them, that they are predictable as seasonal change—then they fool you….readers won’t be shortchanged on the settings of the stories. The author is careful and accurate….It’s a pleasure to have books from Alaska publishers that reflect the strengths of regional expertise.”Anchorage Daily News, July 28, 1996.

“…a collection of entertaining stories about Alaska characters….In these stories, simple folks attempt to accomplish simple goals, yet matters invariably go awry.ALASKA Magazine, February 1997
Caught in the Sluice
Neil Davis

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