Published in 1984 by the University of Alaska Press, Fairbanks, AK 99775
ISBN 1-912006-07-2  List Price $19.95
530 Pages
Chapter 1      Alaskans as Users of Energy
Chapter 2      Energy fundamentals
Chapter 3      Wood
Chapter 4      Biomass and Peat
Chapter 5      Coal
Chapter 6     Petroleum
Chapter 7     Solar Energy
Chapter 8     Wind
Chapter 9     Hydropower
Chapter 10    Geothermal Energy
Chapter 11    Nuclear Energy
Chapter 12    Alaska's Energy Future
    Appendix: Units/Conversions

“Excellent maps, graphs, figures, tables, and photographs add visual definition to text, which, in addition to excellent historical perspectives, provides more technical and scientific information than this historian would ever need. Although published ten years ago, the discussions are surprisingly pertinent today, and the book remains an excellent reference.”     JOURNAL of the WEST, October 1994.
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Author's Note: Don't be fooled by the low price of this book. Its preparation was subsidized by an agency of the state of Alaska with the requirement that 300 copies be given free to Alaska's school libraries, and the remaining press run be sold for less than $20 per copy. (At $19.95 it is a steal; the price could have been $19.99.)

The book is intended for the general audience and as a reference for professionals.
The book is out of print, but a few new copies are available at the original list price from Alaska-Yukon Publications. Order by e-mail at
Neil Davis

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