The Great Alaska Zingwater Caper

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Published in December 2004 by McRoy & Blackburn Publishers. List price: $14.95
ISBN 0-9706712-2-9 paperback
Meeting by accident in Mexico, a lawyer, an accountant, and a government researcher hatch a plot to scam money from the Alaska public trough. A peculiarity in the organization of Alaska's state government and the current political climate provide them with the opportunity--they think. As they move along, the plotters involve the feminine crew of a fishing charter boat in their plan, and the ladies end up playing a larger role than anyone anticipated. Will the members of this group pull it off, get rich, and live happily ever after?

The Great Alaska Zingwater Caper is likely to tweak the state's movers and shakers. But for the humble folk who look askance at how the power brokers conduct their business, this pointed satire is a hoot... [It is] a penetrating critique of state business in the form of comic fiction....The book's strongest suit is Davis's shrewd analysis of Alaska's boondoggles and shortcomings.
                                                           --Kenai Peninsula Clarion

This is a very clever and very Alaskan story....For any veteran
Alaska political or civic aficionado, this is a great and entertaining read, almost too credible an Alaskan tale....culminating in a fizzing delight of chemical imagination....One needn't know the science or technology or the arcane workings of government to enjoy the plot and the characters.....a delightful fictional account of industrial development in Alaska.
   --The Ester Republic

Davis has a lot to say, and he is clever enough to know how to sugar-coat a bitter pill. He definitely is grinding axes in The Great Zingwater Caper, but the results are pretty darn sharp.
--Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

The author’s science is sound, his facts are solid and the plot is good.  This is an enjoyable and important book that will be a frequent topic of conversations among Alaskans this winter.  Don’t be left out of the conversation., read the book!
   --The Ester Republic

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