Published in 2001 by the University of Alaska Press, Fairbanks,AK 99775
ISBN 1-889963-19-4   List Price $35.95
351 Pages


Chapter 1--A Short Introduction to Permafrost and Seasonally                      Frozen Ground
Chapter 2--The Whys and Wherefores of Permafrost
Chapter 3--When the Ground Freezes
Chapter 4--Lanforms Created by Cryogenic Action
Chapter 5--Coping with Seasonal Frost and Permafrost
Chapter 6--Permafrost in Transition
Appendix A--Additional Background and Some  Fundamentals
Appendix B--Classification Schemes for Soils
Appendix C--Accessible Places Where Permafrost and Active                              Layer Features Can be Seen
“It is not an easy task to describe very complicated phenomena and processes in an interdisciplinary science such as geocryology in a plain and simple language; however, Professor Davis accomplished it successfully in his book….Overall, this is an outstanding introductory book on seasonally frozen ground and permafrost for a broad audience. It also is an excellent reference book for students, permafrost scientists and engineers, and professionals in earth and environmental sciences."                                                                     Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, Vol. 34, No 1, 2002
“This book is written for the scientifically aware layman but contains much of interest to the specialist….[Davis] cleverly carries the reader with him through complex explanations of ground freezing phenomena….The style is easy and explanations are clear, making this a refreshingly accessible account of the physics of frozen ground.—POLAR RECORD, Vol. 38, No 206, 2002
Extracts from Published Reviews
“Engrossing an audience in a subject in which it is unfamiliar is a difficult task, but the author does a good job, making his material easy to understand and interesting. …. this is the first popular book on permafrost published in English, and deserves to be on the library shelf of anyone interested in the topic.”                   Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 48 No. 162, 2002
“This is a wonderful book. Rarely quirky, the style is not like that of much ‘popularized’ scientific writing which is based on superficial knowledge and a way with words. Rather it is full of information, very readable and illustrated with a splendid collection of photographs.
In a broader view, it is a very up-to-date account in many respects. The observations of the geologist and observant field investigator are well represented. Importantly, they are particularly well supported by the more recently recognized theories and findings of engineers and ‘laboratory’ scientists. Indeed, as I was reading it, I was excited by new insights, not necessarily totally new scientifically, but so well put that the novice reader and ground-down specialist alike are led to ponder.”   Prepublication review by a noted permafrost specialist
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PERMAFROST, a Guide to Frozen Ground in Transition
Neil Davis

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